• Reception Service


    UCSI Mother’s Sanctuary presently operates from a boutique hotel in Kuala Lumpur and a five-star hotel in Kuching. Postpartum care is essentially an extension of the hotels’ services and rigorous training is provided to all staff to foster and maintain quality standards and the personal touch. All our rooms come with Call buttons and in this setting, a four-week stay with us is akin to having your own butler service.

    Apart from obtaining a blissful rest, mothers will also enjoy access to facilities at the respective hotels. This experience will be shared as we welcome spouses to spend as much time with their wives and newborns as possible. Above all, we want to ensure a pleasurable stay and until that happens, we will not rest.

  • Nursery Care


    Baby care at Mother's Sanctuary revolves around weekly visits from paediatricians and 24/7 monitoring from our team of well-trained nurses. Attention to detail is crucial to the growth of a healthy baby and we go the extra mile to achieve this. Baby feeding times and bowel movements are tracked daily to identify patterns and ensure regularity while weight and height measurements are conducted weekly to keep track of growth spurts. Our nurseries are sterilised twice a week and they come equipped with air purifiers to ensure safety and hygiene.

    We also extend baby care to education by teaching new moms the ideal ways to breastfeed, bathe their babies, interact with newborns and calm their agitated child. Apart from the dedicated sessions with their children, mothers can visit their newborns at the nursery at any time, day or night. The bond between mother and child begins from day one and we work hard to deepen this special relationship.

  • Recovery Therapy


    Rejuvenation matters. To alleviate childbirth stress, we emphasise mind and body wellness through aromatic postnatal massage therapy. Our experienced masseurs are experts in easing aching muscles and reducing water retention, relieving physical and emotional stress in the process. They also specialise in lactation massage, a technique that significantly improves breastfeeding.

    Utilising a unique mix of flowers and leaves, we provide mothers with herbal baths each day that aid with R&R. Mothers can also indulge in spa therapy through our partnership with leading centres in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching. With facials, manicures and pedicures taken care of, new mothers can rest assured that they will be in good hands.

  • Dieticians


    Designed by certified dieticians and nutritionists, all meals at Mother's Sanctuary are prepared by hotel chefs. We understand how nutritious food is crucial to a mom’s postnatal recovery and we go the extra mile to ensure that our meals will also tantalise the taste buds. Five scrumptious well-balanced meals (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper) are served each day and mothers will also enjoy a free flow of red date and ginger tea during their stay with us. To ensure variety, our menus are rotated on a weekly basis and our team of chefs often create new gastronomic delights that retain all the nutritional goodness that aids with recuperation and lactation. Mothers will also enjoy herbal soup each day as they feast their way back to full fitness.

    Note: Mother's Sanctuary has Halal certification and we abide by the strictest standards of food safety and preparation.

  • Doctor Visits


    While treatment is not provided by Mother's Sanctuary, we have the advantage of relying on the medical expertise of doctors from UCSI Healthcare - a division of UCSI Group that includes a hospital, a general clinic and a skin science centre. Our doctors visit once each week to conduct check-ups on weight, blood pressure, as well as sugar and protein levels, among other tests.

    They will also take note of your baby’s progress, monitoring heart rates and tracking growth through height and weight measurements. Our doctors and nurses will also be on the lookout for signs of jaundice so early intervention can take place through the form of phototherapy - a service that is available at both our branches.

  • Security


    The security detail at Mothers Sanctuary branches is overseen by auxiliary police personnel who ensure tranquility and order at our premises. CCTV cameras cover every entry and exit point and surveillance is conducted round the clock. For added measure, our rooms, nursery and facilities are also protected by restricted-access security doors. No one will be allowed in without your authorisation and all guests will be required to go through hygiene screenings before entering our premises.

  • Postnatal Yoga


    To get mothers back on the road to recovery, we conduct postnatal yoga classes that improve overall fitness and strengthen the core, pelvis and lower back. Apart from raising fitness levels and helping new moms regain their figure, postnatal yoga also induces deep sleep and reduces postnatal fatigue. Conducted by certified yoga instructors, classes are held at our dedicated gyms and moms are encouraged to practise what they learn on a daily basis.

    Health talks, workshops and other group activities that shed light on the best practices to raise a child are also held on a weekly basis. Motherhood should never be a solo journey and we seek to create shared experiences that enrich new mothers and prepare them for a new chapter in life with their newborns.