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UCSI Mother's Sanctuary is a postpartum care service provided by UCSI Hotels. Currently operating from the five-star UCSI Hotel Kuching and Le Quadri Hotel Kuala Lumpur, we work to be the home away from home for mothers and their newborns. Fusing the best approaches of East and West in medical approaches, mother care and baby care, we provide exemplary service in all that we do so mothers can rejuvenate in pristine privacy knowing that their newborns are in good hands.

Equipped with impressive hotel and in-room facilities, Mother’s Sanctuary is a quintessential centre for all recovery and wellness needs. Opening our doors in 2020, we strive to customise our service to each mother who turns to us. We do this because we believe that sometimes, the harder way is the only way. Above all, we understand how challenging motherhood can be and our message to mothers - especially new moms - is: You are not alone.